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Greece Truck Cam SV2LLJ Name: Ioannis "John"

SV2LLJMan truck

From left is the Icom 2820 for D Star 2m / 70cms FM Centre is the Kenwood 710 for APRS (AS SV2LLJ-14) On the right is the Icom 7000 for HF Far right is my HP Compaq TC4200 and below of this is the cars Navi-Telephone system.

Inside TruckCam cab

I use a direct up converter from 12v to 19 for the computer only using the truck's 12v power plug.This is much better for the battery !!!! All the radios have their own down converters 24v/12v @ 35A each of them from RM Italy (well its it exactly 13.5v !!) with extra ventilators on them just in case!!! (thermally auto controlled @ 35 degrees C, self made modification!!)..My antennas are now Diamond NR770HA Dual band Mobile Antenna foldovers.For many years I've tried many others (like the 7900s !!) but all of them were smashed on trees etc because of the height !!! So I decided to ...downgrade !!!The 770s are better because of the strait steel wire and middle coil they have AND the fold over feature !!(AND they are much cheaper!!!)They are installed by the doors's side mirrors both of them...For HF I've tried some monobanders but it is a problem to change bands (you have to stop and change antennas !!) so I modified the coil of a Midland CB antenna and I use it with an auto tuner and works very nice!!!! I had many contacts with UK stations and many more worldwide with very good results !!!In the near future I plan to purchase a Little Tarheel II screwdriver antenna for the HF ..Costs a fortune but it is much better!!(especially when you are driving and must tune up !!!) For the camera I use a plain cheap web camera,although I can use many better others like the GOPRO I have ) because I had to test the capability of the 3G network here and sucked with it !! It is good for now!!!I've subscribed to the Vodafone Network in Greece before 15 years (it was NOT 3G then !! but now it is !!) and I hope they'll expand the 3G net or else ...Another network here offers the new 4G !!!!!Normally I use the Uivew32 with a usb gps to send over the 3G net my beacons (as SV2LLJ-10) but also one can follow me as SV2LLJ-14 beaconing (24/7) from the Kenwood D710 on the normal APRS network ..Another possibility is to follow the SV2LLJ beacon from the Dstar Network !!!(You can see them ALL at !!!!) Dstar and FM ...I listen always at the Panhellenic Network on various frequencies in Greece...For Dstar you can connect to our reflector 045 port C from any place in the world and speak with Greek Dstar Users all over Greece ( currently 10 ICOM repeaters 24/7) and for the FM network you can also connect on our Echolink node witch brings you in the biggest FM repeater network in EU !!!(Its some 50 repeaters and links all over Greece linked together 24/7!!!) Of course I'm listening at some "BIG" repeaters (like R6 Thessaloniki or R5 Pelion or R1 Athens )when I'm in range !

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