We are sorry but all the TruckCam home kits are now sold out.

Ready Steady GO GO GO

We have had problems with owners of the TruckCam kits being used by under 18's

Please remember you MUST be over 18 to use the TruckCam kits and over 21 to drive TruckCam.

Get your TruckCam home kits HERE

After such a big demand the TruckCam home kits are now out of stock. So only the 50 members that now own the kits may drive the vehicles on this site. Please note that you can't drive BikeCam with this kit SORRY. To drive BikeCam you will need the TruckCam kit mk2 and this mk2 kit is still with the ministry for testing. Also please be aware that to remotely drive any of the trucks, cars or vans on this site you will need to hold fully compressive insurance to cover both the vehicle and the regular driver as you are not allowed to drive without the regular driver in the vehicle. Please don't ask to drive on your own.

Enjoy, Paul TruckCam

Be ready for thew MKII TruckCam kit

When the mk2 kit is ready a FREE upgrade can be downloaded to bring your kit up to mk2 spec. You have to then re program your eprom and do a full CPU reset. If you don't have a eprom programmer you will need to send off £9.99 with your old eprom and it will be send back same day via recorded delivery. This is the UK price, please contact us for other postage prices. Please note you do this at your own risk. you have been warned.

Removing the old Eprom

First I must say you are doing this at your own risk, if you are not happy to do this upgrade, PLEASE stick with the mk1 kit. first remove the steering wheel by pulling the spring release bottom left. Turn the unit on its side so you can get under the pedal plinth. you will see a small cover bottom left marked main logic, remove the 2 screws and you will see this board "right" you need to take care not to touch any pins and lift out the eprom with a small screwdriver. After replacing with updated eprom re assemble and do a full hardware reset.

Eprom upgrade
Latest news, CarCam 2 has decided to opt out and not allow users of the kit to drive his car.


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