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Some information on the TruckCam site

First many thanks for visiting this site but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when viewing the live video streams. We cannot be held responsible for nudity, hand signals or anything else seen on the streams such as:

Lady Flasherup yours!moon out of car

and up yours tooguy flashingflashing tits

You have been warned :-) "PS: this bit is a joke"

The Chat window


If you are a regular visitor to the site PLEASE register your name in the chat window, just click the "Set Name" and follow instructions. Each time you come back the site will remember you if you are on the same pc. Then when other visitors click the "xx people here" button they will know the viewers nick names.


The Vote button

The DX Zone one is a once only vote and you never need to do it again.


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What else would you like to see on this site ?

Your input is more than welcome. So if you think of something you would like to see added to this site please let me know. If are on the road every day and want to put on VanCam or BusCam etc please let me know.


TruckCam on Facebook

If you are on Facebook please join the TruckCam Facebook group by clicking the button at the top of the page.


Support for TruckCam ?

I keep getting asked how you can donate towards the running of the site. I do not want any money, but to help support the site your VOTES are always welcome. The other thing you can do is to join the BATC. I use the BATC services to stream the video on TruckCam. Membership of the BATC is from just £4 a year and you will get the BATC magazine "via PDF in a Email" Membership details HERE


Spread the word

Finally, please spread the word about this site, to your mates on line and in forums you visit. If you visit sites with lists of Cam sites see if you can get this one listed.

Many thanks



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