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Logitec C920Logitec 600C
The C920 "top" looks out the screen and the C600 shows the inside of the cab. These Logitec cams work excellent in the truck.

2m 70cms antenna

  • Type: Dual band super gainer 2m 6/8 & 70cm 3 X 5/8 
  • Frequency: 144-146/430-440MHz
  • Gain: 5.5.0dBd/8.0dBd
  • Length: 150cm 
  • VSWR: 1:1.5 or better  
  • Power: 200 watts
  • Fitting: PL259 type

Icom 5100 in Truck


I now use a Icom 5100 in the truck for 2m and 70cms. Been getting my head around D-Star and having some fun with this.


When in range of a D Star gateway I try to monitor REF001C or DCS005B.


I now also have a DV-Mega and a Raspberry Pi for the truck so should be able to keep in touch when out of range of a D-Star gateway or repeater.


I have installed APRSIS on my laptop for the tracking. The APRSIS software sends location data via the internet. APRSIS can be connected to a radio and TX/RX data but I will only be using it via the internet. More information on this software can be found HERE

Truck its all fitted in

Home of TruckCam Click for full size

DV Mega and Raspberry Pi

DV Mega fitted to Raspberry Pi

24v to 12v 65a converter

13.8v dropper to power the Icom 5100 and the Ranger 2950 DX3

In car dash cam

This is used to record incase of accident.

Vaughn tv casting

HI stream the video from the truck via Vaughn. If you need any help setting up a TruckCam or want your stream adding to this site please contact me.


3G HUAWEI E5332 Mobile WiFi is a high-speed packet access mobile hotspot. It is a multi-mode wireless terminal can connect upto 8 decices at the same time. I also have a external antenna for poor signal places. This will save me using USB as PC connects using WiFi.

Inside the cab of TruckCam

Inside the cab "click" for full size

Inside the cab of TruckCam

The Kenwood 710 "click" for full size

Would you like to know more about how APRS works ? Then check out this video.


I have tried many voltage droppers and 240v inverters some better than others. I now have a 60amp switch mode dropper This gives me plenty to run my ham radio gear and fridge without even getting warm. To supply the 240v I have a 2000w peak 240v inverter. The only problem comes when parked up over night, for this a have a small 300w inverter just to power the laptop.

If you have a website and would be happy to put a link back to Truckcam here is a banner for you to use "THANKS"

TrackCam link banner

I have had quite a few e-mail asking how Truck Cam works

Well its real easy, I have a mobile internet connection from the 3 network "click here", this is the best value I have found in the UK and seems to have good coverage. The software I use is Adobe flash media live encoder 3.1 and its free to use, and it is sent to the Vaughn server and the main page links back to it for you all to view.

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