How to setup a mobile video stream
I keep being asked about what is involved and needed to set up a mobile TruckCam / CarCam. I will try to explain what hardware and software and the setting up here.

The Video Stream

I use the Vaughn to stream my video, you need to be a member of the Vaughn to do this.

Vaughn TV

The Tracking

I use APRS tracking that only radio hams have access to, so if you are a radio ham you have a few ways to go about it ether by using a APRS radio like the Kenwood TMD710 or the Yaesu FTM-350. If you don't want to go to the expense of the radio you can use APRSIS on your laptop you can get loads of information on APRSIS on the Wiki.

For non radio hams you can use Google Latitude, I have no experience of this software so if you go this route I would like to hear how you get on and I can add the details here.

Mobile Internet

In the UK I have found the Three network to work best for me both in cost and coverage. I use a USB stick on a contract and I get 15gig per month for £15 and to date I have never gone over my monthly allowance.

The PC

Any modern laptop is fine but think about powering the PC. I have found that the power leads for laptops to run from 12v/24v are not cheap! I use a 240v inverter that you can pick up from ebay for around 10-20 pound.

The WebCam

I have tried the cheap webcams and find that many of them get bleached out in bright light. I now use a Logitech 600 and this works well in all light conditions.

This page is work in progress, If you think anything needs changing or adding just let me know. You will find my emails at the bottom of the page.

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