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First of all Welcome to the TruckCam site, I hope you enjoy your visit here and get to join in with the chat on all pages. This site is best viewed in Firefox, Saying that it should work in all browsers but if you get any problems try Firefox.

You can download Firefox HERE: Download Firefox

Using the TruckCam site is real easy. From the menu you can watch one of the mobile web cams on its own page, All pages on this site have a Chat window, PLEASE sign into the Chat and join in with the banter. To sign up with the chat just click the [Set Your Name] button at the bottom right hand corner of the chat window, enter a user name of your choice and a password and click the [Sign Up] button. A word of warning, the Chat is moderated and you will get a warning if being abusive to others and if it continues you will be BANNED. If you get banned, it is your IP address that is banned.

Most regular viewers tend to watch one of the Multi pages. Here you can watch 2 or 3 of the cams at the same time. Under the "Multi-Cam" menu the first one will display 2 cams at the same time or if you have a wide screen monitor you can watch "Multi-Cam Wide-Screen" and display 3 cams. On these pages you can watch which ever cam's you want by using the menu bars below the Chat window.

Please join in with the "Chat" on the pages, it's good to see everyone getting on and sharing their thoughts. If there is something you would like to see added to this site you can email me direct.

Who's Who? On this page you will see some photos of regular users of the site. If you would like to be added to this page please send me a photo with your user name on "Chat" and I will add you. See my Email in the image below, This is my Email at home so it may take a day or two to get a reply.


Last of all, PLEASE tell others about this site and post link in any forums you visit that may have a interest.

Thanks to all the visitors of TruckCam

Paul "TruckCam"

Many of the video streams you view on this site are via The British Amateur Television Club (BATC) Please consider joining the BATC or donating towards their running costs.

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