ChevyCam 2e0efx Brian
ChevyCam setup information

HD Webcam

Voice setup

The laptop in the cab

The laptop fitted in the cab

APRS setup

Inverter for PC

The mini PC

BATC  Thankyou

Thanks to the BATC I am now streaming the video on TruckCam. Please click the BATC logo to visit their main site.

laptop in chevycam

Brians setup in his Chevy Truck: 4ghz dell spiron pc, 300w invertor, ss360fm, old yaesu does aprs packet ft2800
blackberry webcam, Byonics blue box APRS


If you have a website and would be happy to put a link back to Truckcam here is a banner for you to use "THANKS"

TrackCam link banner

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