If you have lost your password and cannot recover it just send me a email from your registered email and I will remove you from the database so you can re register.

EVERYONE needs to be a member as we have had a few problems from guest idiots.

Please register on the chat system, you will get all the latest info here you can join in with the banter or just watch to see what other from round the world are saying.

ENJOY, Paul (TruckCam)

Software in use on Chat is Blab! 6 Pro.

Quick start

Welcome to our chat! Here you can find some information that will help you become familiar with the features that our chat offers. This is a NEW chat system on the TruckCam site so you will all need to "REGISTER" as a new user. From the login screen click the New User Register button and follow instructions. Please think about what user name to use. It would be good to have your name in it too something like "Nutter_Paul". Enjoy

Blab login help

New users will need to REGISTER by clicking the New User Register button at the top of the login screen and it will bring up this screen to fill in your details.

Blab! Chat register help

You fill in all your details as above using the name you want to be known as on the chat system, spaces allowed, the password you want to use, your email address "a registration email will be sent to this address with click back link to complete registration" and fill in the CAPTCTA box with the number on the right. Now click SUBMIT and wait for a Email. If you don't get a email back within 10 minutes please email me. But first check your SPAM folder.

When first logged in you may be asked to share your location "from pop up" this will not put your EXACT location but a ruff location within about 10 miles or so. PLEASE SHARE.


Just one warning

This system is moderated and any one mucking about or being abusive to others will have their IP address banned from the system.


The ONLINE box in right of chat shows you all logged in users, from here by clicking on any user you can see some basic info about them. You will also notice some are differand colors

Avabile for chat

logged in but not avabile for chat / away


Chat rooms

There are multiple chat rooms. To change the chat room click on ROOMS at the top of the chat window and then click the one you would like to chat in. The number of users chatting in each room can be found next to the name of the room. Right now there is just one chat room to use but more may be added in the future.

Panels » Settings

Blab! Chat settings help

You can easily alter the settings of the chat - click on PANELS "Spanner" at the top of the chat window. Select your preferred language, timezone, time format, sound alerts etc. The bottom left corner is sound settings and each of the small buttons after each type "Message" etc will give a different sound and the first button turns that sound off. Don't forget to press the [SUBMIT] button after any changes to save them to your profile


Panels » Profile

I have added loads of new aviators if you do not want to upload a photo, please ether pick one or upload your own image.

Blab! Chat Profile help

Please submit some details about you that are visible in chat: location, age, gender and website if you have one. You are also welcome to select an avatar image by choosing one from our list or by uploading a photo or another image. If you upload a photo it must not exceed 200kB and the picture file will be checked for validity. Your email address is not displayed in chat.


Panels » My Files

Blab! Chat, my files help

To upload a file or a picture use the buttons at the top-right corner of the panel MY FILES. Snippets are predefined pieces of text or URLs that can be inserted into your chat messages. To set a new snippet (plain text, YouTube URL, place on the map etc) use the SNIPPET option. Your files and snippets are accessible with the button MY FILES in the bottom-left corner of the chat window.


Private chat, whispering

Our chat allows you to send quick hidden messages to particular chatters, this is so-called whispering. Click on a username from the online list on the right, type the message in the provided box and press ENTER. Additionally you can invite the chatter to start a private conversation with you by clicking on the PRIVATE CHAT link.

Ignoring other users

To ignore messages submitted by a particular chatter, click on his/her name from the online list and then click Ignore. Messages from ignored chatters are still visible in history.

Youtube, Metacafe videos and Images

Our chat is able to play videos which means that you can share, watch and comment your favourite YouTube & Metacafe videos directly in chat! URLs can be copied from the address bar of your browser. It is necessary to put your video URL between video tags:


The best way to send users a YouTube link is:

YouTube URL

And for images:


Users on Google Maps "Geolocation"

Blab Chat help maps

Here you can see approximated locations of other users on line now, This location is not exact and the other users on the system mush have allowed the system to use their location. You can zoom and move the map around and if you hover mouse over any of the balloons it will give you the users name. For more information about how the system gets your location "IF YOU ALLOW" you can click HERE .

Browser Compatibility for Geolocation

Currently the W3C Geolocation API is supported by the following desktop browsers:

  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Chrome 5.0+
  • Safari 5.0+
  • Opera 10.60+
  • Internet Explorer 9.0+

There is also support for the W3C Geolocation API on mobile devices:

  • Android 2.0+
  • iPhone 3.0+
  • Opera Mobile 10.1+
  • Symbian (S60 3rd & 5th generation)
  • Blackberry OS 6
  • Maemo

Maps & search snippets

Our chat allows you to display locations on a map provided by Google Maps. Simply post the location between map tags: [map]Eiffel Tower, Paris, France[/map]. Another useful option is to display a link to Google search results by closing your search query in Google tags: [google]Eiffel Tower[/google]

Permissions in chat

Each chatter is a member of a chat group, and each group has different permissions. It is very likely that you do not have access to all the features, for example, you might be unable to whisper, upload files etc.
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you can mute all sounds by clicking the small icon of a speaker just under the spanners at top of screen. You can also go into the Panels » Settings and set each sound as you like or mute just one or more.


I hope you enjoy the new chat system, If you have any questions or need help please Email me

If you have lost your password and cannot recover it just send me a email from your registered email and I will remove you from the database so you can re register.

Some images have been re sized. Just type the word into Chat and shows image.
If you find anything you want adding just let me know.

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