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Dave will sometimes be streaming from his car when doing WAB. For WAB I can work from 80m though to 6mtrs. But usualy on 7.160 or 3.760 + or - for other activity/QRM.

For APRS, Kenwood TMD700. There is a dual band omni on the off-side rear, next to the top box. Callsign G1OCN-10. GPS = a Garmin Emap. Computer = ASUS EEE PC 4G with 4GB SD card. Windows XP ( reduced installation configuration ) Also installed is APRSIS32 for when there are no APRS digipeaters around. Cornwall etc. I use a 3G USB internet stick with 5GB a month data allowance for about £11:00. The wheels ="T" Reg BMW K1200 LT SE. Had it since it was 6 months old. As soon as I can afford it, I will get it triked. Not done many miles or any EU touring, though Carol ( 2E1DQZ ) and I would like to.

ASUS PC running BikeCam

BATC  Thankyou

Thanks to the BATC I am now streaming the video on BikeCam. Please click the BATC logo to visit their main site.

TMD 700 on BikeCam

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