If you are a radio ham you may use this service. It will display on our Radios IE: Kenwood, Yaesu or on our PC screen.

To send message to Paul in TruckCam you need to send to g0hwc-14

To send message to Martin in CarCam you need to send to g7sql-7

To send message to Keith in CarCam-2 you need to send to g7ffi-7

To send message to Ian in VanCam you need to send to 2e1icb-9

To send message to Brian in ChevyCam you need to send to 2e0efx-14

This can be used to send a APRS message to any radio ham running APRS.

After your message has been sent you will see a list of other messages sent to this station. If you want to send another you will need to CLICK within the message window below and hold your CTRL key down and press F5, This will refresh the frame.

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